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Want to offer the best POS systems retail owners have ever seen?
Then become a Spoonity integration partner, and overhaul your services!

Is the Program Right for You?

If you’re looking to impress your clients by integrating your POS system with a secure, high-end mobile loyalty platform, then becoming a Spoonity sales associate is the right move.

Make Your POS System Stand Out
from the Rest by Integrating It with
a Turnkey Mobile Solution

Spoonity offers mobile ordering & payment features, marketing automation, and loyalty management tools – just what you need to provide your clients with an ingenious set of customer management tools. What’s more, a complete integration with our innovative technology means you and your clients will always have an edge on the market.

Become a Spoonity Partner

Who Else Joined the Spoonity Affiliate Program?

Fantastic service - quick, easy and secure mobile payments. Love using their Bridgehead app!
Lindsay Carlton

Overhaul Your POS by Adding Loyalty Integration
& Customer Management into the Mix

A Fruitful Partnership

Being able to retain more clients means you’ll get to save money. After all, retaining a loyal customer costs you 5 times less than acquiring a new one. Plus, our referral program ensures you’ll also get to enjoy extra revenue sharing based on recurring revenue.

An Increased Client Base

Once your customers experience the high-end quality that is Spoonity’s integration with your POS, they will be more than likely to continue buying from you and also recommend your services. As a result, you’ll attract bigger business, and also get to retain more clients.

Free Training Sessions

It’s highly likely that you’ll have a very easy time getting used to our platform. Still, if you ever need any assistance, just get in touch with us. We’ll provide you with thorough training sessions that will help you properly understand how our platform works in no time.

A Foolproof Integration

Spoonity can integrate with any POS system without any hassle. Therefore, you can rest assured that your customers will enjoy smooth, accurate transactions – not to mention they won’t have to deal with any downtime at all!