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Spoonity & Vivonet Launch New Embedded POS Mode for Merchants

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Ottawa, ON, – 2017-11-09 – Spoonity, a leader in customer engagement and advocacy that provides merchants with access to a fully white-labeled and integrated mobile loyalty solution, is announcing alongside one of its POS system partners, Vivonet, they will be launching a newly advanced loyalty system that’s embedded into the Vivonet Cloud POS platform.

Both partners have invested heavily into this new feature. The mode is exclusive to Spoonity, and Vivonet’s system ensures that merchants will get to enjoy the best POS experience possible.

What follows is an outline of the new capabilities that will be included in the Spoonity integration with the Vivonet Cloud POS platform:

  • Customers will only have to scan in once to make payments and to collect loyalty points.
  • Spoonity’s integration with the Vivonet Cloud POS system is now more augmented, which means transactions will be even faster than before.
  • The risk of staff errors or in-store fraud will be significantly lowered, as only the rewards that are available will be able to be redeemed.
  • More in-depth customer data will be displayed inside the POS system, such as gift card balance, current tier status, transaction history, available coupons, and the client’s loyalty point balance.

This enhanced POS feature is meant to further increase customer and merchant convenience, and also make it easier for merchants to keep track of each client and their loyalty program data at the same time. “This new integration with Spoonity’s loyalty platform will streamline the payment management system for Vivonet Cloud POS customers, while also ensuring transactions are secure and the customer experience is enhanced,” says Alaa Pasha, President & CEO at Vivonet.

About Spoonity

Founded back in 2011 by Max Bailey and Myron Gomes in Ottawa, Spoonity provides merchants with a turnkey mobile solution that’s fully white-labeled and 100% integrated with all POS systems. Through its platform, Spoonity helps merchants implement mobile payment and online ordering features to better engage with their customers.

What started out as a small company quickly turned into a successful platform that works with several of the top merchants in North America. The platform has just under 2 million customer accounts and has processed over $29 million in mobile payments. For more information about Spoonity, please visit  

About Vivonet
Established in 2000, Vivonet is a leading provider of consumer, operational and enterprise level cloud-based technology solutions – from point-of-sale to kiosk to back-office labor and inventory reporting. Processing millions of transactions every month for leading hospitality brands across Canada and the United States, Vivonet solutions provide organizations with additional insights and intelligence to help them unlock hidden business potential and improve organizational performance. For more information about Vivonet, please visit