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Want to amaze your clients with a high-end point of sale retail system?
With Spoonity, you can do just that - and earn commissions too!

Is the Program Right for You?

If you sell quality POS systems or provide POS installation services for QSR owners, you’ll definitely enjoy becoming a Spoonity partner.

Provide Your Customers with the Best POS System for Restaurants Retail Owners Have Ever Seen!

User-friendly, white-labeled, completely secure – that’s how most people describe our platform. What’s more, Spoonity also provides quality mobile and loyalty integration. So, you’ll manage to keep your own customers happy, and also grow your client base and increase your revenue at the same time.

Become a Spoonity Partner

Who Else Joined the Spoonity Affiliate Program?

Fantastic service - quick, easy and secure mobile payments. Love using their Bridgehead app!
Lindsay Carlton

An Efficient, Turnkey Point of Sale Retail System
to Help You Increase Your Sales

Convenient Mobile Payments/Ordering

Spoonity can help your customers get rid of ordering delays and long lines for good, as their patrons will be able to pay and order online just by using their phones. In turn, that means you’ll have an easy time making more sales (which also means you can enjoy sales commissions!).

Fully Branded for You

By joining our affiliate program, you won’t just get to offer your customers an efficient POS system for restaurants, retail businesses, and stores. You’ll also get to enjoy the fact that it’s fully white-labeled, meaning you can easily re-brand it and sell it as your own.

Guaranteed Customer Retention

Let’s face it: You’ll be offering your customers access to a unique, all-in-one POS solution that will help them increase in-store productivity. Thus, it’s quite obvious they will be more than likely to keep doing business with you in the long run.

Easy-to-Use + Complete Training

Most of our partners find it’s very simple to adapt to our product. Still, we do offer thorough training sessions, so there’s nothing to worry about. Furthermore, our platform’s user-friendly design also ensures that your customers will have an easy time getting used to it.