How to Convert Website Visitors into Loyalty Members

Nowadays, it’s not just enough to get plenty of customers and potential clients to visit your website. Sure, the traffic is nice, and you’ll still get to convert a segment of the visitors. However, there’s more to it. You also need to gather contact details from your visitors, follow up with them in an engaging […]

How to Structure a Customer Loyalty Program for Bubble Tea Shops

Bubble tea is certainly starting to become more and more popular with modern consumers. It is a trend that is spreading rapidly as the wildly popular drink from Asia grows in global popularity. Despite that, if you run a bubble tea shop, you still have to deal with competition, which is why you’re probably thinking […]

7 Social Media Campaigns That Can Enhance Brand Advocacy

Improving the image of your brand on websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram is quite paramount nowadays. After all, 71% of people who had a positive social media experience with a brand are very likely to recommend it to others. So, trying to improve brand advocacy on social media platforms is definitely worth it since […]

4 Ways to Attract More Clients and Loyalty Program Members

Nowadays, getting more people interested in your business and loyalty program seems easier than ever – mostly due to the Internet. The keyword is “seems,” though, as it’s not always a walk in the park. In fact, attracting more customers can be quite difficult for certain types of businesses. That’s due to the extreme competition […]

How to Avoid Cannibalizing Existing Sales – The Key to Successful Loyalty Programs

Can Loyalty Programs Actually Harm Your Current Sales? It’s weird to consider such a thing, as successful loyalty programs can be extremely advantageous for any business – especially QSRs. After all, according to recent statistics, around 65% of consumers have already joined a loyalty program. Furthermore, loyalty programs are invaluable when it comes to customer […]

How to Structure a Customer Loyalty Program for Your Coffee Shop

The Best Way to Grow Your Coffee Shop Is Through a Loyalty Program Around 83% of adult US residents drink coffee. While that does mean coffee shops have a huge market at their disposal, it also means that they have to deal with a lot of competition as well. Well, a thoroughly-planned customer loyalty program […]

Mobile Apps for Your Restaurant: the Ultimate Guide to Set It Up

The world is going mobile. That became clear back in November 2016, when the number of mobile users officially exceeded the number of desktop users. Thus, you picked the right time to look into how to set up a mobile app for your restaurant – or restaurants, if you own a large corporate chain. In […]