Rewards Programs

Gain up to 40% growth in customer frequency and spend

Our custom-built Rewards Programs are designed to give your customers an exceptional experience every time they walk through your doors.

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Customize rewards according to customer profiles

No two brands are the same. Neither are their customers. By providing a suite of rewards options, you can customize your program in ways that ensure your customers are always excited and ready to come back for more.

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Tier programs

Motivate purchases with different rewards according to tiers such as Gold, Silver and Bronze.

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Points programs

Let customers accumulate points and then redeem with a catalog of rewards to choose from.

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When customers accumulate points or reach a new tier, offer cashback rewards to go against future purchases.

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Initiate new product buys through coupons that must be used by a certain date.

Create attractive
earn-and-redeem rules

Keep it simple. The easier it is for your customers to earn points and redeem rewards, the more likely they are to use your program, continue visiting your locations and become the loyal patrons who positively impact your bottom line.

Spoonity´s dashboard - Rewards programs for your brand


Define earning events to accumulate rewards. Welcome your customers with points or benefits when they register for your program. Consider rewarding them after each purchase and when they reach the next loyalty tier. You can even honour loyalty members on their birthdays with a free side of fries!

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Influence purchasing behavior with custom criteria. Encourage customers to buy certain products according to specific dates or restaurant branches.

Personalize and incentivize

At the heart of every loyalty platform lies the customer. Gain access to insightful data about your buying customers right through your personal dashboard. Powered by Spoonity’s built-in CRM system, you have a 360-degree view of your loyal customers according to demographics, segments, categories and preferences.

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Base decisions off customer feedback

Customer feedback is an integral component of your platform. Spoonity allows the collection of valuable details that show how your customers interact with your brand and products, and then gives you the opportunity to respond.

In-store experiences

Customers can give a percentage-based rating as well as comments.

Automated alerts

If a feedback score is below a particular threshold, you can set up automated alerts and messages to respond quickly and proactively.

Increase customer engagement with your own Microsite

Your Microsite is a Spoonity-provided and fully brandable frontend mini website. Deploy it to your customers as an online portal for your loyalty platform where people can register, check their balance, see a complete order history and interact with brand content.

Reward your customers
Build brand loyalty

Reward your customers
Build brand loyalty