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Mutually beneficial partnerships in the F&B industry

Always focused on meaningful growth, Spoonity is committed to developing a robust partner network with brands and technology providers.

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Partnership types

Offering 4 different partnerships, Spoonity’s extended network welcomes business partners of all kinds.

Technology partners

Do you have a tech solution that would be an excellent integration with Spoonity, such as a POS or online ordering system? Become a Technology Partner.

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Strategic partners

Are you already a POS reseller? Refer your clients to Spoonity and receive a commission for every signup. Check our list of strategic POS integrations.

Added Value partners

If you have a service that complements the Spoonity platform, inquire about becoming a Value Partner. You get additional business, and we can provide our merchants with a more complete solution.

Brand partners

Do you have a pronounced food and beverage brand with multiple locations and global expansions on the rise? Partner with Spoonity as an established loyalty platform that can help you grow in Latin America, Australia, and the Middle East.

Why partner with Spoonity?

When you offer Spoonity’s platform and features to merchants under your own corporate umbrella, you benefit from:

Higher retention

Merchants that use Spoonity secure longer relationships with your POS.

High commissions

Receive one-time commissions for every referral, or negotiate a long-term commission structure with us.

White-label solution

If you decide to resell Spoonity, our programs are branded exclusively to you – as far as your clients are concerned, it’s all your brand.

Co-marketing events

Put on various events to increase brand recognition and generate interest in our solution.

Free training sessions

We offer complimentary training sessions so you get to know all the key features to help you sell.

Certified, powerful integrations

You and your clients can improve and grow through Spoonity’s deep customer analytics, data-driven insights and AI-powered platform.

Spoonity´s partnership

How it works

Just like everything else we do, partnering with Spoonity is simple and convenient. Register as a partner today. Once we formalize our partnership agreement, we will provide you with a unique referral contact form so you can seamlessly refer your contacts and be guaranteed commissions when signups happen.

Elevate your business

Elevate your business