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Our Loyalty Platform

Increase your
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We love helping you bring joy to every customer experience – the kind of joy that fuels loyalty and drives up sales.

Our loyalty platform increase your revenue

The future of loyalty

Spoonity’s loyalty platform is designed to accommodate your food and beverage business now, and evolve with you as your brand grows. We believe the future of loyalty is deeply rooted in insightful data, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A complete loyalty solution

Taking a holistic approach to your loyalty program, we analyze every aspect of your business as we design the strategy, equip you with the right tools and empower your restaurant to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.

Rewards Program

Meet and exceed customer expectations with attractive rewards.

Loyalty analytics Icon- Spoonity, the future of customer loyalty

Loyalty Analytics

Understand who your loyal customers are and what drives them.

Marketing automation Icon - Spoonity, the future of customer loyalty

Marketing Automation

Use insightful data and key metrics to fuel effective marketing campaigns.

Managed Loyalty

We can run your loyalty platform on your behalf to help you optimize results.

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Gift & eGift Card

Spread the word, incentivize new walk-ins and increase immediate cash flow.

Mobile Loyalty Apps

Put your loyalty platform at your customers’ fingertips for heightened adoption.

Turn your loyal customers into brand promoters

A brand promoter is a step up from the recurring customer. It’s someone who loves your restaurant, frequents your locations often and tells their friends to try it too. Spoonity helps you turn loyal customers into brand promoters, and for quick-serve restaurants that use Spoonity, this translates into growth.

Omnichannel loyalty

Wherever your customers are, we’re there too. Spoonity’s solution gives your brand a strong presence in the physical and digital worlds.

We help you create a joyful customer experience across every channel by making the platform simple and intuitive. Consistency in customer interactions, both online and in-store, means that they always know what to expect, and your restaurant always delivers.

The road to growth

From defining your loyalty strategy early on to optimizing your campaigns based on customer insights years down the road, Spoonity is there with you every step of the way.


First, we bring you onboard by following a well-defined plan. It won’t be long before you and your team know exactly what to expect in the first 90 days.

Loyalty roadmap

Once your program is up and running, we help you make it a huge success. Our loyalty roadmap is here to guide you in the months ahead.

On the road to growth, you can always count on Spoonity to be your dedicated partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Spoonity collects customer data to understand people’s purchasing behaviors. Using this information, Spoonity’s omnichannel tools allow merchants to better serve customers’ needs and wants across all channels, both online and in-store, strengthening customer engagement with the brand.

Spoonity´s loyalty programs help merchants improve the customer experience by collecting data about customer preferences and behaviors. This data is then used to personalize offers and recommendations, making interactions more relevant and meaningful.

An effective loyalty program should be simple and easy to understand. Spoonity offers a variety of user-friendly rewards programs that are flexible and intelligent, enabling your customers to easily redeem their earned rewards so they keep coming back for more.

The simplest way to estimate the return on investment of your loyalty program is with this formula:

ROI = [(Net Program Benefits – Program Costs) / Program Costs] * 100


Net Program Benefits = Incremental Revenue + Cost Savings

Program Costs = Total Expenses Related to the Loyalty Program

Spoonity loyalty programs enhance word-of-mouth marketing. Satisfied customers who benefit from loyalty programs are more likely to recommend the brand to others, becoming brand ambassadors and promoters who actively bring new customers in. It’s also a proven fact that regular customers tend to visit more frequently and spend more year over year.

Spoonity’s loyalty platform has a powerful segmenting tool that allows you to group and target users for marketing and promotional purposes. First, you segment your loyal customers based on several criteria such as Loyalty Level, Potential or Lifecycle Stage. By personalizing your communications to each specific micro-segment, you can enable smarter, more compelling offers and promotions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in Spoonity´s modern loyalty programs, enhancing their effectiveness and personalization. Spoonity leverages AI to give merchants powerful metrics and capabilities, including Predictive Analytics and Experience Personalization.

Do you remember the last time your friend invited you for coffee at that beautiful place? The oldest yet most effective marketing channel is word-of-mouth. As customers fall in love with your products and become loyal to your brand, they also start recommending your business to friends and family. This free marketing lets you spread your brand joy far and wide.

Our Managed Loyalty service gives you a Loyalty Expert Consultant, a Strategy & Execution Coordinator, a Data Analyst and a Machine Learning Specialist who help you make the most of your program by optimizing your marketing campaigns, designing the right loyalty strategies to be executed at the right time, and increasing your profits in the process.

Merchants who rely on Spoonity to manage their loyalty programs experience an increase in average order value (AOV) within their current customer base. Merchants also save time and resources, giving them the ability to focus on their core business while Spoonity’s loyalty specialists improve the performance of their rewards program.

Deciding between building a custom rewards program or buying an existing solution depends on several factors. The three most important things to consider are:


  1. Time and Resource Efficiency
    Purchasing an existing solution like Spoonity saves time and resources because it’s ready to implement. This can be advantageous if time-to-market is a priority.
  2. Expertise and Support
    Established solutions like Spoonity come with built-in expertise and dedicated support teams, ensuring smoother implementations and ongoing maintenance. This saves you from many potential design and implementation pitfalls.
  3. Integrations, Customization and Features 

Spoonity’s loyalty platform is seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, including POS software and online ordering platforms, so it’s easy to optimize data collection and utilization. Spoonity also gives you complete customization capabilities to fit your brand’s unique needs and customer base. And you have control over every aspect, ensuring alignment with your specific objectives and enjoyment of functionalities such as Loyalty Analytics and Marketing Automation that cover all of your requirements.

Our platform can provide you with data about when and where your customers like to shop, who your most valuable and profitable patrons are, their demographics, whether they purchase SKUs or not, what your best-performing items are, and which clients you can grow. Take a look at our Loyalty Analytics solution.

Our software is PCI DSS-compliant. It also has built-in measures that prevent fraudulent activities among your employees, customers and within your place of business.

Yes, absolutely! Spoonity already offers seamless integration with a variety of point-of-sale providers. For a complete list of POS systems and other partners we integrate with directly, you can check out this link.

Yes, we frequently migrate programs that already exist over to Spoonity.

A tablet is only necessary when handling online and mobile ordering.

Not necessarily. Even without it, Spoonity gives you the ability to identify patrons by their phone numbers.

Yes, it varies depending on what level of customization you need.

We’re happy to help, no matter what you need. In fact, our excellent customer service is one of the things that makes Spoonity such a fantastic digital loyalty platform.

Yes, our rewards programs and gift cards for quick-serve restaurants are 100% personalized to your business.

We offer unlimited email campaigns for free. Push notifications and in-app campaigns are also included and unlimited ( these are excellent ways to boost your restaurant’s customer loyalty).

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Make the most of your brand’s success with a powerful loyalty solution.

Make the most of your brand’s success with a powerful loyalty solution.