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Affordable customer loyalty solutions for small & medium businesses

A Fully Customized App

Growing franchise? Corporate Chain? Spoonity understands both worlds and offers you access to an entirely custom-built mobile loyalty card system.

Our software features completely personalized design and branding for your restaurant(s) – just what you need to make your mobile loyalty apps stand out from the rest.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Keep customers happy and stay connected to your patrons outside the store – all this without making them feel like you’re intruding on their privacy!

Spoonity offers you unlimited SMS, emails, and push notifications to keep clients updated at all times. What’s more, our detailed reports provide valuable insights about your patrons’ purchasing behaviours to help you improve restaurant customer loyalty.

Reduce Lines, Increase Traffic

Mobile ordering, mobile payments, a modern and efficient loyalty card system – they all do their part in helping you free up space within the restaurant for more walk-in traffic.

Your clients will also be satisfied. No more waiting in lines, carrying loose change around with them, and wasting time waiting for their orders – just plain, convenient, straight-up business.

  • Points/Cash Loyalty
  • Gift Cards Tags & Cards
  • Online E-Gift
  • Basic Reporting
  • Email Support
  • Video Training
  • Mobile App
  • Gift Cards Tags & Cards
  • Online E-Gift
  • Mobile Payments
  • Points/Cash Loyalty
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Employee Program
  • Customer Tipping
  • Store Feedback
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Web Conference Training


Do you offer POS Integration?
Yes, absolutely! Spoonity already offers smooth integration with 15+ POS providers. For the full list of POS providers we are directly integrated with, you can check out this link. Regarding the rest, we have a wide network of partners which makes it easy for us to support them.

Can We Migrate Our Existing Loyalty Program to Spoonity?
Yes, we frequently migrate existing programs into Spoonity.

Do I Need a Tablet?
A tablet is necessary, but only when it come to handling online and mobile ordering.

Is The Barcode Scanner Necessary?
Not necessarily. Even without it, Spoonity still allows you to identify patrons by their phone numbers.

Is There a Setup Fee?
Yes, it varies depending on what level of customization you need.

Do You Offer Customer Support?
We’re available 24/7. In fact, our excellent customer care services are one of the things that make Spoonity such an amazing mobile loyalty apps platform.

Is Everything Branded for Me?
Yes, we provide mobile loyalty cards for small business that are 100% personalized and come with a white-label design.

How Much Do Campaigns Cost?
Well, push notifications and in-app campaigns are completely free and unlimited (and are an excellent way to boost restaurant customer loyalty). Email campaigns cost only $0.09/100 emails, and SMS campaigns cost ranges from $0.01 to $0.15 per text messages depending on what part of the world you are in.

What Customer Insights Can Spoonity Offer Me?
Our platform can provide you with data about when and where your customers like to shop, who your most valuable and profitable patrons are, their demographics, whether they purchase SKUs or not, what your best-performing items are, and which clients you can grow. Here are our key features.

How Secure Is Spoonity?
Our software is PCI DSS-compliant. It also has built-in measures that prevent fraudulent activities among your employees and inside your place of business.

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