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Introducing: eGifts

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We’re very excited to announce an awesome new feature to the Spoonity system: eGifts! Spoonity merchants can now turn on this feature to allow their customers to send gift certificates by email to friends and family for whatever occasion they’d like. Here’s how it works:


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Customers can order their eGifts through the merchant’s Spoonity mobile application or website and pay with their credit card. They can add a personalized message and choose exactly how much they would like to send.

Send an eGift


The eGift order is submitted and processed in seconds and a merchant branded email is delivered to the recipient with their name, gift amount, personalized message, and options for redeeming the gift.


Receiving an eGift




The recipient has three options for redeeming their gift certificate. If they’re already a loyal customer they can add it to an existing card, or they can add it to their account and use it from the mobile application, new customers can print out a PDF with a special code that can be scanned in any store to use the balance.

Redeem an eGift



Max Bailey

Max Bailey is CEO and Co-Founder at Spoonity, a highly successful loyalty rewards company that specializes in customer engagement programs for restaurants and retailers. With Spoonity, Max focuses on expanding marketing operations, resource management, and data analysis. His diverse background and international experience contribute heavily towards the resources and the direction of Spoonity.
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