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One Million Transactions!

This week we crossed a major milestone in the company: one million transactions processed by Spoonity. This means that customers have used a Spoonity powered program to pay, earn points, redeem rewards, and reload over one million times.

When we started Spoonity we set out to make it quick and easy for customers to participate in a loyalty rewards program. Since then we’ve expanded into quick pay and developed our technology into one of the most robust and feature rich platforms in the industry. We’re now processing close to 6,000 transactions per day and expect that number to grow exponentially with national rollout of our newest client, Pita Pit, in the fall.

We continue to strive to build the future of loyalty and quick pay with the best technology and strongest commitment to customer service in our industry. Next step: 1 billion transactions!

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The future of loyalty

Building the future of loyalty and bringing joy to the customer journey.

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Building the future of loyalty and bringing joy to
every customer journey.

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