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Spoonity Loyalty & Maitre’d Point of Sale: “A Winning Combination”

We were recently featured in a fantastic blog post by Maitre’d Point of Sale (POS) to recognize the phenomenal results Spoonity delivered with the Bridgehead loyalty and quick pay system. The blog post starts by introducing the origins of Bridgehead. It goes on to talk about how Spoonity was brought in to address the shortcomings of Bridgehead’s existing paper punch card system:

When Bridgehead launched, it offered a loyalty program that was completely paper-based. With the company’s growth, this created significant obstacles for managing and analyzing the value of the loyalty program to the business. Beyond paper, there were also three different cards that had to be managed (!): one each for coffee, packaged coffee beans and specialty drinks. When a customer ordered something, they presented their card for a punch: when they had eleven punches they got the 12th item free.

Bridgehead also offered a gift/stored value card with no connection to the loyalty program, and with little ability to track usage. Reloading the card was something that had to happen in the store—there was no mobile or web self service available.


The solution, implemented at Bridgehead’s 15 locations across Ottawa, is a seamless integration of Spoonity loyalty and Maitre’d POS. The post eloquently summarized the value proposition of a modern loyalty system that is integrated with the POS:


First of all, they got rid of the paper, replacing both the loyalty and the gift card with a single, branded card and keychain fob. The same card serves as a quick pay card, a gift card and a loyalty card. At the same time, it manages every transaction made, updating loyalty points, sending alerts when gift card balances get low, and even automatically reloading them. They integrated total member self-serve capability. Loyalty members check their redemption levels, and customers reload their gift and quick-pay cards from any computer or mobile device. Making analysis-driven strategic decisions is simple: Bridgehead now has the data and the analytics engine to really dig into the details of their customer behavior.


In the 18 months since launch, the brand new Bridgehead loyalty and quick pay system has been an incredible success. A large part of this success is from the ease of use for both staff members and customers.


Today, Bridgehead has 65,000 loyalty members across their operation. In 2014, they processed 1.5 million transactions through the Spoonity loyalty and gift programs. In the first year of the program, quick pay transactions increased 88%—and the bulk of that increase was from people paying with their smartphones. And of course it’s completely integrated with Maitre’D, and that integration was as simple as enabling the Maitre’D loyalty module.

No more paper. In-depth strategic data. Anywhere anytime access and self service. All implemented simply and fully integrated with Maitre’D POS. No wonder the program is successful: Bridgehead, Spoonity and Maitre’D form a can’t-lose Loyalty team.


We’re incredibly excited to be partners with an amazing brand like Bridgehead and an industry leader like Maitre’d. We look forward to continuing to work closely with both to provide the next generation of loyalty and quick pay to brands all over the world.

If you’d like to read the Maitre’d blog post in full, you can find it here: Loyalty and a Cup of Joe: a Winning Combination.


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