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Top 10 Successful Loyalty Rewards Programs

Whether you plan on implementing a loyalty program or still think your current rewards program could use some improvement, it never hurts to see what you stand to learn from popular programs that have been met with plenty of success.

Top 10 Successful Loyalty Programs

So, let’s take a look at the 10 most successful retail and restaurant loyalty programs, and see what makes them so special:

1. Sephora’s Beauty INSIDER

Sephora’s rewards program features a points-based system where customers can earn 1 loyalty point for each dollar they spend at Sephora retail stores, on Sephora websites, or Sephora stores that are present inside JCPenney stores.

While Sephora’s program has a mobile app, customers will need to use their email address when they check out to accumulate points.

Sephora’s Beauty INSIDER

The program is divided into 3 tiers, and features unique rewards that range from birthday gifts and a private hotline to exclusive events and free beauty classes.

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

The variety of rewards and the uniqueness of said rewards really makes Sephora’s program a huge success with their customers. It offers them exactly the incentive they need to continue doing business with the brand, and to promote it at the same time as well.

2. Starbucks’ Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks has a mobile points-based system that uses stars as a loyalty indicator. It stands out from many large-scale loyalty programs on the market because it only has 2 tiers – Green and Gold. The first tier is very convenient since it suits both existing and potential customers. Perks include:

  • Free refills
  • Mobile payments/ordering
  • Exclusive member offers

Gold-tier members also get to enjoy personalized rewards, and even a personalized card which they can use instead of the mobile app if they want to.

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

Starbucks’ program knows how to target the right people, and the personalized rewards serve as an excellent incentive. And, of course, the exclusive features that comes with the program help customers feel like they belong to a select group of people – which is rather in line with the company’s brand, actually.

3. Neiman Marcus’s InCircle

Neiman Marcus’ loyalty program is a points-based rewards system (customers earn 2 points for every dollar they spend) that places a lot of emphasis on advancing to the next program tier (the program itself has 5 regular tiers and 3 luxury-type tiers).

Program members get to enjoy exclusive private offers and events, and perks that let them earn double loyalty points. High-tier members even gain access to things like personalized travel services, wardrobe consultation, and choice restaurant reservations.

Neiman Marcus’s InCircle Rewards Program

The program’s highlight seems to be its Perk Card which offers numerous privileges. Moreover, when members accumulate 10,000 loyalty points, they also get a $100 Point Card.

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

The fact that the program has so many tiers really works to its advantage given Neiman Marcus’ customers. Basically, clients get exactly the type of rewards they are looking for, and are constantly incentivized to strive to advance to the next tier. And those who do make it to the last tier will be more than likely customers for life – especially thanks to the unique rewards offered by the company.

Also, the Double-Points perk is very nice since it allows customers to choose a day when they want to use this perk, which makes it feel more like a privilege than an opportunity.

4. Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards Program

Consumers who sign up for Kohl’s program get to take advantage of a cashback points-based system where they earn 1 point for each dollar they spend (no matter how they pay). Once they accumulate 100 points, they get a $5 reward.

Also, every calendar year, program members are awarded access to 8 extra savings offers, and a birthday present (the present varies). Furthermore, members can also earn bonus points on various occasions, and other surprises too.

The program is app-based, and works on both iOS and Android devices.

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

Kohl’s program is straightforward and simple to understand. The fact that it works with mobile devices is convenient, as members can easily keep track of their loyalty points, store offers, and access their rewards card in a digital environment.

The annual rewards and birthday treat are also a nice touch since it gives program members a good reason to continue staying enrolled in the rewards program. It also offers a decent incentive for other clients to join the loyalty program.

5. Bulletproof’s Bulletproof Rewards

Bulletproof is known both for its coffee shops and also for its online store where people can buy coffee-related products, as well as plenty of food items and drinks. Their loyalty program is mostly built around online purchases, which is an approach you don’t see enough these days.

The program itself is a points-based system, and customers can earn points by:

  • Making purchases
  • Sending out invitations
  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Submitting product reviews
  • Adding product tags
  • Registering on Bulletproof’s website

Bulletproof Rewards Program

The main idea is for clients to accumulate as many points as possible, which they can then use when checking out to pay for their products.

The Bulletproof program has 4 tiers (which are well-structured), and other perks include being able to enjoy discounts, exclusive access to new products, low stock items, and even limited run products.

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

The numerous ways clients can earn loyalty points really stands out with Bulletproof’s program. Something like that definitely gets people interested, and also works as a good incentive to encourage customers to interact more with the brand.

So, if you’ve got a chain of coffee shops, and run an online store as well, you should definitely consider incorporating the online part into your loyalty program.

6. Urban Outfitters’ UO Rewards

Program members can earn points or rewards by shopping online with Urban Outfitters or making purchases at their stores, sharing Urban Outfitters posts on social media using their designated hashtags, reading the company’s blog, and even when they RSVP to attend a certain event at an Urban Outfitter store.

Program perks include access to unique offers, tickets to exclusive events, and the chance to win signed merchandise from various artists.

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

Well, the fact that just signing up for the program opens up new discounts and early access to sales works as an excellent incentive. We also liked the fact that program members can accumulate points through social media engagement – it was a really smart move on Urban Outfitters’ part given how huge their social media reach and audience are.

7. P.F. Chang’s Rewards

P.F. Chang offers a points-based rewards system. With it, clients can earn 10 points for each dollar they spend. Once they accumulate 2,000 points, they get a free entrée.

On top of that, program members gain access to many other exclusive perks – including a special birthday present courtesy of P.F. Chang’s, unique opportunities to accumulate more points, and even access to unique members-only tasting-events

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

This program is more of a hit with people who just want a clear-cut rewards system. It’s straightforward, gets the message easily across, and is perfect for regular customers.

It’s also nice that P.F. Chang’s offers a unique opportunity for non-members to earn a 1,000-point bonus when they sign up for the program..

8. e.l.f.’s Beauty Squad

e.l.f.’s loyalty program is truly in-sync with their customers. It’s a points-based program (2 points/$1) that’s segmented into 3 tiers. Whenever members reach a new tier, they start earning more points:

  • 4 points for $1 at the second tier
  • 6 points for $1 at the third tier

Program members can also earn points by referring friends, and interacting with e.l.f’s brand on social media.

Most customers are usually willing to join because they receive an enrollment gift. The program also rewards them with early access to sales and new products, redeemable products, free beauty sets, and various discounts.

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

The program’s progression (earning more points for each dollar spent) is quite good – it’s natural, and program members truly feel like they’ve reached a whole new level because of that. The referral reward is also a nice touch since it encourages customers to promote the brand.

9. Target’s REDcard

Target offers both debit and credit REDcards, and card holders get to enjoy an automatic 5% discount every day. Besides that, they also get to take advantage of free shipping for most products sold on Target’s website, and 30-day extended returns at Target store-bought and online-bought items.

The REDcard also has an associated software version where card holders can do things like set alerts, manage their PIN numbers, and even add additional users.

Plus, customers who have the REDcard will also get early access to various Black Friday deals on Target’s website – at least this year. On top of that, REDcard members are also eligible for early access to all sorts of promotions, events, and new products – as well as various exclusive extras too.

Target's REDcard

Other perks include:

  • Discounts for Target in-store Starbucks purchases
  • An additional 5% discount through Target Subscriptions
  • Additional savings through Target and manufacturer-issued coupons
  • Discounts ranging from 5% to 50% for bulk purchases (hundreds of items, essentially)

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

Target’s REDcard is popular with their customers because they offer exactly what any retail consumer wants – continuous discounts. Associating that with their unique debit and credit card is extremely smart, as customers end up having an immediate reminder of how convenient Target is in their pocket, wallet, or in their home.

The Early Access perk is also something any retail business should offer through a rewards program if they want to achieve success.

10. Red Lobster’s My Red Lobster Rewards

Red Lobster recently unveiled their new loyalty program at the end of October, and it was mostly received well by their customers (and potential customers too). The program works on a points-based system, so for every dollar someone spends at one of their restaurants, they get one loyalty point.

Once a customer accumulates 125 loyalty points, they get to enjoy a redeemable reward (consisting of 3 options). The program is app-based, and works on both Android and iOS devices. What’s more, the app lets clients easily keep track of their loyalty points, and it works by simply scanning the QR code on the customer’s receipt.

Besides all that, the Red Lobster loyalty app lets clients make reservations by putting their names on their local Red Lobster restaurant’s wait list, and the company also plans to implement to-go ordering features in the near future.

Where the Loyalty Program Shines

Well, once again, the fact that it’s a mobile-friendly rewards program helps a lot. And, in its current state, it might appeal more to customers interested in a straightforward tier-less loyalty program.

Thinking of Starting a Loyalty Program Too?

That’s definitely a smart move – it can do wonders for your revenue in the long run, and also make your customers much more likely (and happy) to interact with your brand. After all, approximately 81% of modern-day consumers say they prefer doing business with a brand that also has a rewards program.

Thinking of Starting a loyalty program

Even better, we can help you set it all up the right way, and also provide you with a mobile app for your restaurant or retail loyalty program. Best of all – it’s completely white-labeled, so you won’t need to invest in expensive app design and waste time on developing it.

And even if you already have an existing loyalty program, we can help it get better exposure with our loyalty-driven platform, as well as streamline your interactions with your customers and also help you better understand them through in-depth analytics.

Basically, we’d be able to help you understand what items your customers prefer the most, which day of the week they like to shop the most, and even which clients are the most loyal and profitable.

And that’s not all – we also provide modern solutions that will make your loyalty program stand out from the rest.

For example, if you’re looking to add ordering features like Red Lobster did, we can make that happen. In fact, it will be extremely easy to do so, as our turnkey solution already comes with mobile ordering as well as mobile payment features – not to mention we can also offer you full POS integration and access to reliable social media marketing tools.

And if you’ll ever need any help or have any questions, we’ll always be there for you since we offer 24/7 customer care. So, feel free to learn more about our platform, and don’t worry – our solution is scalable too.

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