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Finding the Right Bubble Tea Loyalty Card Program for Your Business

bubble tea loyalty card

Fortunately for bubble tea businesses, it is expected that there will be a growth in the bubble tea market from $2.4 billion to $4.3 billion between 2019 and 2027. While this market continues to grow, your bubble tea business can grow within it with the help of a bubble tea loyalty card program. 

After all, loyal customers are crucial when it comes to growing your milk tea business. This is considering that it can be difficult to keep your franchise running – let alone grow your business – with one-time buyers. 

When you implement a digital loyalty program into your business, you are able to understand your customers better so you can establish long-term relationships with them. This way, you can continue to serve your authentically delicious bubble tea drinks to customers who are loyal to your brand.  

Knowing how important a loyalty program can be for your business, we have listed a few points below that you should look for in your bubble tea loyalty card program. 

A Bubble Tea Loyalty Card Program that is Easily Integrated 

One of the most important factors you want to consider when looking for a digital loyalty program is integration. Specifically, the ideal bubble tea loyalty card program will be easy to integrate with your point of sale (POS) system. For example, a POS system frequently used in bubble tea stores is Clover. If bubble tea stores want to successfully start their program, they need to ensure that the platform can be easily integrated with their Clover POS system before they implement it. 

bubble tea pos system

Imagine if you had put in all of the work into finding an amazing loyalty card program for your business, yet it cannot be easily integrated with your current POS system. As a result, you could end up having to put even more time and effort into finding a new loyalty program that can be integrated without any complications. Plus, when you take additional time to find a new program, you miss out on having a loyalty program collect important customer purchase data. So the more bubble tea locations you have, the more data you could have had your loyalty program collect. This is important considering that, while your program does not collect any useful customer purchase data, you will not be able to use the data to better understand your customers and enhance your marketing campaigns.

Keeping this in mind, the easier a loyalty card program can be integrated into your business, the better it will be for you. Not only do you avoid the hassle of dealing with integration problems, you also avoid potential problems with capturing effective data with your POS system. 

A Bubble Tea Loyalty Card Program that is Personalized

When it comes to finding the bubble tea loyalty card program for your business, you should consider a loyalty program technology that can be tailored for your business. Having a personalized program means that you have the opportunity to not only promote your business, but also build a more cohesive brand. 

As a loyalty program can help enhance the cohesiveness of your brand, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want a generic rewards program. After all, with a unique bubble tea business comes a unique bubble tea brand. 

A Bubble Tea Loyalty Card Program that Collects the Right Data

Another factor to look for in a loyalty card program for your bubble tea business is its ability to capture important data. When it comes to making the right business decisions for your business, the data you collect can be crucial. 

bubble tea data collection

With this in mind, it is critical to ensure that the loyalty program that you integrate into your bubble tea business is able to provide what you need, when you need it. This is especially true when it comes to better understanding your customers, so you can effectively promote your business to help increase customer retention, customer purchases, and profit.  

How Spoonity Can Help You

If you are looking to find the right bubble tea loyalty card program for your bubble tea business, then you are in luck. Spoonity can provide your bubble tea business with a digital, white-label loyalty card program, which can help you increase customer purchases and frequency by up to 40%. 

bubble tea loyalty program

Purchasing Spoonity’s loyalty program technology means that your bubble tea business gets to benefit from key features including:

  • Personalization – Spoonity provides a loyalty card program that adapts to your brand. This white-label platform can be tailored to your business, allowing you to customize certain features in the loyalty program. 
  • Integration – Spoonity makes integration easy for your business, so you do not need to worry about the hassle of having integration problems. The technology is easily integrated with a variety of POS systems, such as the Clover POS system.
  • Data Collection – Spoonity ensures that you are able to quickly and easily see the data that you need, using their analytics and their tool for marketing automation. The data collected can help you better understand your customers and help you establish an effective marketing campaign for your business.

As you can see, Spoonity offers a personalized and easily integrable loyalty program that can help your bubble tea brand collect all of the important data needed to effectively grow your business. If that is not enough, additional features include e-gift cards and gift cards for your business, security for Spoonity’s platform, and constant customer service. For more information about the platform, you can check out Spoonity’s website here.   


A bubble tea loyalty card program is an important tool for growing your business, which is why you need to ensure that you have the right program for your business. The right loyalty program allows you to receive the insightful data you need to effectively run marketing campaigns, so you can grow your long-term customer relationships and your business at the same time.

All in all, finding a loyalty card program like Spoonity can help make customer relationship management a lot easier for you, so you can focus on what you do best: provide your delicious tea drinks to your customers.

If you are interested in the Spoonity digital loyalty program for your bubble tea business, contact Spoonity here

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